iControl Networks said its OpenHome software platform will enable home security and broadband service providers to integrate energy usage data into their service offerings.

OpenHome now provides direct access to Green Button information. Green Button is a recent program designed to create a common way for consumers to securely access their own energy usage information from their utility. The program was designed to find a format easily accessible by utilities’ business partners. The provision was included with broadband companies specifically in mind; the idea was to enable consumers to access their energy consumption data directly through their accounts with their broadband providers. 

That’s where iControl comes in. iControl's OpenHome software platform will foster a collaboration between utilities and service providers by incorporating advanced energy usage monitoring applications into already available broadband home management offerings, such as the iControl-powered Connected Home solutions.

These comprehensive home management systems will enable end-customers to ,onitor energy consumption by having access to easily understandable energy usage data; ,aximize energy efficiency by automating their thermostat, lights and other energy-consuming devices; and manage multiple aspects of the home, beyond energy consumption, including security and home health, iControl said.

"The Green Button initiative offers tremendous value because it encourages consumer efficiency and opens the door for future utility pricing programs," said Letha McLaren, vice president of product management at iControl Networks. "We are committed to helping shape a smarter, more viable energy future by providing the technology that will open the data flow from utilities to end-customers."

Investors in iControl Networks include Comcast, Rogers Communications, Tyco, Cisco, and Intel