Active Broadband improves IPDR reporting

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 4:01pm
Brian Santo

Active Broadband Networks has added code to its software that helps assure that IPDR (Internet Protocol Detail Record) data collected from cable modem termination systems (CMTSs) in DOCSIS networks is accurate and complete.

Cable operators can use IPDR data to compute subscriber Internet usage for usage metering and usage-based pricing, as well as a variety of broadband service management applications.

Active Broadband’s Active Resource Manager (ARM) collects, processes and stores IPDR data streamed from CMTSs.

IPDR processing primarily involves time normalization and usage data mediation, but the ARM also performs a series of checks and cross-checks to validate the completeness and correctness of IPDR data to detect anomalies that can result in the computation of inaccurate Internet usage data, the company explained.

The enhanced ARM software improves operator visibility into these anomalies by presenting the operator with a real-time dashboard view and storing information about each detected anomaly in a database that is accessed for status reporting and can be queried to identify the specific devices and IPDRs associated with the anomaly.

“Active Broadband has years of experience with IPDR data management in some of the world’s largest broadband networks, and we have designed our software to ensure IPDR data integrity,” said Chris Gunner, chief technology officer at Active Broadband Networks. “With broadband providers now moving to usage-based services predicated on the accuracy of IPDR data, we have enhanced our software to increase visibility into the detection and causes of IPDR data anomalies.”


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