Google has contracted with Avail-TVN to deliver the content for its Google Fiber broadband TV service in Kansas City.

Avail-TVN said it will provide a range of content, including studio, broadcast and cable content, providing access to live and on-demand content across multiple devices. Avail-TVN will also arrange for digital licensing and enabling technologies.

“Google Fiber represents an evolution in the digital video market, and we are pleased to support them as they roll out enhanced services to consumers,” said Jim Riley, chief revenue officer at Avail-TVN. “Google Fiber takes full advantage of the advanced digital video services that Avail-TVN has pioneered in support of the high-value content that consumers want on the devices they use the most.”

Google considers the service officially launched as of July, but it will be weeks, at least, before paying customers actually enroll and begin getting TV service. Google is still trying to attract subscribers through its rare, if not unique, process of demanding potential customers to register first, and only if a neighborhood (it calls them “fiberhoods”) has enough registrants will Google actually extend the necessary infrastructure there.

There are still four more days during which local residents can register for Google Fiber TV. The company was getting lower response than expected, with only about half of the neighborhoods that could qualify actually achieving that status thus far.

At the end of August, Google revised its still-unspecified minimums for many neighborhoods, citing incomplete and inaccurate data on the number of residences in many areas.