T-Mobile USA has recovered from a brief overnight network outage that left customers without data service.

The operator said on its official Twitter account Monday evening that it was "experiencing a network data issue. Service for some customers may be impacted."

One hour later, it reported that "full data service has been restored to customers."

The statement was in line with customer complaints on T-Mobile support forums about problems connecting to Edge, HSPA or HSPA+ service.

T-Mobile has not said what caused the data blackout or how widespread the issue was. On the company's support forum, customers from South Carolina, Illinois, Arizona and California reported their data service was down.

T-Mobile has had few issues with network outages in recent memory, but competitor Verizon Wireless has not been so lucky. Verizon's LTE network has gone down a number of times since its launch, but the problems appear to have been largely addressed, as it has not had any outages in months. The company attributed the issues to “growing pains” from its aggressive deployment of LTE, now available in more than 300 markets.