Pace powers Sky New Zealand’s new Igloo TV service

Mon, 07/16/2012 - 3:16pm
Mike Robuck

Pace announced today that it is providing hardware and software elements for Sky New Zealand and TVNZ’s new Igloo TV service, which soft-launched with some customers last month.

The service is using Pace’s Elements software platform on a its DVB-T2 Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) hybrid IP set-top box to offer consumers digital TV services, video-on-demand, and a new user interface for navigating and selecting content. Pace said it was also providing systems integration and consulting services to support the new service platform’s development and rollout to New Zealand’s TV viewers.

Igloo provides subscribers with all terrestrial free-to-air channels for free. They also have access to a prepaid premium channel pack, pay-per-view sporting events and a transactional VOD (TVOD) catalogue of more than 1,000 items.

“We wanted to develop a flexible new service that catered to households who want access to the great content they associate with Sky and TVNZ, but without the commitment of a long-term contract,” said Chaz Savage, general manager of Igloo. “We came up with the idea for Igloo but knew it would need a technology platform that made it not only exciting to look at, but easy to use, a good value and flexible for consumers. The Pace solution ticked all the boxes – a superb user experience thanks to the Elements software, delivered via a high-performance, reliable set-top box.”

Igloo uses Pace Elements Cobalt for search and recommendation and its Oxygen user interface, the latter of which is based on HTML5. The service also takes advantage of Pace Elements’ Tungsten middleware and software platform.

The Pace T2 hybrid DTT/IP set-top box includes Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections for on-demand content access and features two USB ports – one to play consumers’ own home media such as family movies, photos and music on their TV, the other to enable them to pause live TV.

As well as offering access to on-demand movies and TV shows via broadband streaming, Igloo includes access to all terrestrial free to air channels, as well as the option to purchase a 30-day channel pack for NZ$24.99, which delivers 11 premium channels.

“Having partnered with Sky New Zealand for many years with set-top box solutions, it is incredibly exciting that Pace has been selected to support Igloo, especially given its potential to transform how New Zealanders consume home entertainment,” Shane McCarthy, president of Pace International, said. “The combination of our Elements software platform and our hybrid IP/DTT set-top box hardware will ensure that consumers can find the content they want, when they want it, helping Igloo meet the business goals behind its launch.”


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