Boxee makes move to the cloud

Mon, 06/04/2012 - 2:00pm
Brian Santo

Boxee is making a foray into cloud services with an iPhone app designed to make it easier to share videos with friends and family than it is to do so on YouTube.

The Cloudee app, now in a beta trial, lets users upload videos to network-based storage, organize them into collections and share them with designated sets of people.

During the beta period, the service is free, but the company intends to later release a paid version with unlimited video storage in the cloud. The beta is by invitation only, but the company has opened a standby list for people looking to get invited.

The commercial version will make the videos accessible from the Boxee Box, as well as from any browser.

The company vows more cloud-based services and further integration of cloud services with the Boxee Box.

“For a while now, it’s been painful to get our personal videos to the TV screen – our road trips, Boxee Meetups, family videos with our kids, concerts and the occasional weirdness on NYC streets,” Boxee CEO Avner Ronen wrote on the company’s blog. “Some of these videos were on our phones, others on our laptop or network storage, and the ones we really wanted to see were always taken by our friends. Yes, we could copy videos into a thumb drive, upload to YouTube and set it to private, setup a cloud storage account, and give permissions to friends … but it was all too much work, so videos just sat there … never being watched, never being shared.”


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