Shaw business has signed a multi-year deal to provide the city of Winnipeg with data networking, Internet and Wi-Fi services.

Shaw Business will improve the city’s network access and connectivity by providing a virtual private local area network service (VPLS). Shaw Business will create separate VPLS domain names for each of the city’s business units as part of a 42-site network, which will let the city separate and protect each department’s data.

Shaw Business will also be providing carrier-grade Internet, which means that the city will be able to provide Internet over the data network to every employee. Shaw said the service’s design allows for the best use of the network by prioritizing data traffic and Internet connectivity for the city’s vital services, including libraries, police services, and water and waste departments.

Winnipeg residents can also access Wi-Fi from Shaw when they’re at the city’s libraries at no additional cost.

“The network Shaw Business will provide to the city of Winnipeg is designed for high availability – meaning that the crucial services of the city will be reliable, consistent and dedicated,” said Peter Bissonnette, president of Shaw Communications. “We are proud to deliver our quality products to the city of Winnipeg to position them for the future.”