Comcast dials up free phone calls over Wi-Fi

Wed, 05/23/2012 - 10:22am
Mike Robuck

Comcast Xfinity Voice 2goComcast has added some new bells and whistles to its Xfinity Voice service, including the ability to make free phone calls over a home or public Wi-Fi hotspot.

The new suite of features, which is called Voice 2go, is accessible on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices and on other smartphones. In order to make a free phone call, Xfinity Voice customers use their home phone numbers and the redesigned Connect Mobile app. Calls within the home or on a public Wi-Fi hotspot are free, and calls can be made using a 4G or 3G wireless data plan, which don’t use wireless minutes.

Another feature of Voice 2go is advanced call forwarding, which lets customers automatically forward phone calls made to their home phone number to up to four additional phones or devices. The service works on iPhones and Android-powered devices. When calls are forwarded to the Xfinity Connect Mobile app, customers can even receive calls on iPads and iPod Touches.

Comcast has also added personal phone numbers, which are not tied to the primary Comcast Xfinity voice number, for up to four family members. Personal phone numbers work within the Xfinity Connect Mobile app so users can make calls and text for free when on a Wi-Fi network, either in the home or on the go.

Voice 2go is accessible through the Xfinity Connect Mobile app, which can be downloaded for free on the iTunes Store or Android Market, as well as online through Xfinity Connect online.



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