Verizon’s tech switch interrupts FiOS VOD service

Fri, 04/13/2012 - 2:23pm
Brian Santo

Verizon has had better weeks. The company finally made a technological change in how it delivers VOD, and it led to a service interruption. Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, the city council is pushing the company on redlining with its FiOS rollout.

FiOS customers were not able to order on-demand content for part of the day on Wednesday as Verizon changed the way it delivers on-demand content.

Verizon was compelled to make the change pursuant to losing a patent infringement lawsuit brought against it by ActiveVideo, whose interactive technology is being used by Cablevision to help deliver on-demand content.

At the time, it was given six months to do so; it is making the move a few weeks ahead of the deadline. Verizon is working with Cisco and Ericsson to create the workaround.

Despite being forced to make the change, Verizon said it still intends to appeal the court’s decision in favor of ActiveVideo.

Meanwhile, in Philly, the city council is pushing Verizon on its FiOS rollout. The franchise agreement Verizon has with the city gives it until 2016 to provide full coverage. As of now, FiOS is available in about a third of the city, but it’s notably lacking in many of the least affluent areas.

Philadelphia Councilman Jim Kenney said Verizon may not be honoring its FiOS build-out plan agreed upon three years ago.

“We’ve had information coming from inside the company that says they may not be following what they committed to do when we granted the franchise,” Kenney said, as reported by CBS.

Comcast and RCN are the other wireline service providers in the city; as always, in the continental U.S., DirecTV and Dish Network are also available.


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