In addition to helping to power Dell’s new CDN product, Elemental Technologies has been busy making itself integral in the video processing schemes of a variety of other companies.

Akamai’s content delivery network is now delivering content using the new MPEG DASH protocols, a capability dependent on Elemental’s technology.

DTS, meanwhile, is using the Elemental Server for transcoding content to DECE's UltraViolet CFF format for secure and ubiquitous content delivery. In a demo at the NAB show, the Elemental Server is performing DTS-HD encoding.

Elemental’s hardware has long used graphics processing chips from Nvidia. The latter has devised a system for live event production featuring the new Elemental Live 150 Series running on dual Nvidia Tesla GPUs. The Elemental Live 150 Series packs high-performance video processing and throughput in either a rack mount or desktop form factor, allowing live event producers to output streams for multi-camera angle viewing.

Also, SRS Labs’ Helm (Headend Loudness Management) system has been integrated into Elemental Live. The combination of SRS' Helm with Elemental's headend products allows broadcast operators and multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) to check for CALM Act and EBU R-128 compliance, and it allows broadcasters to automatically correct any problems found with loudness inconsistencies across all of the operators' feeds.