Verizon Wireless teams with StrataCache

Wed, 01/18/2012 - 1:43pm
Brian Santo

Verizon and StrataCache have collaborated on a system for the wireless delivery of content to digital signage set up in retail locations.

This will be another cloud application for Verizon Wireless. Verizon will host StrataCache's media servers and software and will deliver content and information to displays based in retail outlets via its LTE network.

Retailers also have the option of hosting the media servers and still using Verizon Wireless' network to deliver content.

Both companies plan to market the joint solution to their respective customer bases. The companies said they will also collaborate on future product development work.

Retailers have been adopting video panels and touchscreens in their stores as a more immediate means of interacting with customers in their stores – "at the point of decision," as StrataCache puts it. Retailers can enable customers to browse product catalogs, download digital coupons, view product tutorials, give brand feedback, scan QR codes and use social media.

StrataCache's ActiVia software enables retailers to log in to a Web portal to create, schedule, manage, distribute and monitor digital signage messages in-store from their PC or any Verizon mobile device. Consumer-facing media can be updated instantaneously or altered to reflect changing market conditions, adapting to store, region, time of day or consumer demographics, the company said.


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