Nagra nabs Sigma Systems' subscriber information service

Mon, 10/03/2011 - 8:35am
Mike Robuck

Nagra has picked up Sigma Systems' SCTE 130-based subscriber information service (SIS) platform in an effort to broaden its addressable advertising capabilities.

Financial terms of the deal weren't available, but the business partnership included Sigma Systems continuing product development and deployment support associated with the launch of the SIS business for Nagra.

"Nagra is committed to enabling advanced advertising capabilities, addressability in particular, for service providers worldwide," said Paul Woidke, senior vice president and general manager of advanced advertising for Nagra. "Sigma Systems is the preeminent developer of an SCTE 130-compliant SIS platform. By entering into this partnership agreement and integrating SIS into our advanced advertising offering, we are ensuring that audience qualification is an integral part of our solution – and that it can be leveraged to deliver the right message to the right audience. Combined with our existing advanced advertising components, the SIS acquisition sets a new benchmark in turnkey advertising solutions that can be available to our customers not only in the United States, but worldwide."

Nagra's advanced advertising offerings are based on OpenTV products that it acquired in 2009. Woidke, who is chairman of Working Group 5 of the SCTE's Digital Video Subcommittee (DVS), recently shared his thoughts on some advertising initiatives in a Q&A with CED.

SIS allows service providers to deliver the right advertisement to the right audience, increasing viewer engagement and interactivity. What's more, the SIS was designed for multi-platform and multi-device use, in both linear and non-linear VOD environments, giving it an edge in today's multi-screen environment.

SCTE 130 is a foundation block for building a unified platform for addressable advertising. SCTE 130 is an XML-based tool that will work in traditional cable advertising deployments, as well as with the expanded opportunities on a unified platform.

The SCTE 130 standard is a multi-part specification that defines how advertising placement servers (ad decisions systems or ADSs) communicate with video delivery equipment (ad managers or ADMs). It supports a unified platform for dynamic, addressable and interactive ad insertion while merging inventory metadata (placement opportunity information or POIS), content metadata (CIS) and subscriber metadata (SIS).

"Sigma has worked closely with service providers and leading standards bodies like SCTE and CableLabs to deliver a market-ready SIS solution. We believe the integration of the SIS platform to the Nagra product suite delivers the solution that service providers need to advance television advertising and addressability and bring the industry to the next level," said Pankaj Gogia, vice president of strategy at Sigma Systems. "Sigma's expertise with subscriber information management will enable Nagra to advance the SIS product while continuing to assist in operator deployments."


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