Comcast Spotlight serves up 2.5B iTV impressions

Tue, 09/27/2011 - 8:15am
Mike Robuck

Comcast Spotlight, the advertising arm of Comcast, has delivered more than 1,000 interactive advertising campaigns with more than 2.7 billion impressions to date.

Comcast has been at the forefront of interactive advertising efforts and currently has its interactive television (iTV) ad platform available to approximately 15 million households in 50 markets. Comcast Spotlight's iTV ad products enhance spot advertisements with interactive overlays, providing advertisers with the combination of the reach of TV advertising and engagement tool and metrics.

Comcast Spotlight's iTV product portfolio includes: request for information (RFI), remind-record and video-on-demand telescoping. RFI, which was also launched by MSO-backed Canoe Ventures last year, uses an ad overlay to allow viewers to opt in on special offers such as coupons or product samples.

The remind-record campaign provides television programmers with a tool to enable viewers to remember to watch a program by interacting with an overlay that sets an onscreen reminder or sets a DVR recording for an upcoming show, or both.

The VOD telescoping lets advertisers link viewers directly to an on-demand asset, allowing them to watch the video at the time or bookmark it for later viewing.

"Innovative advertisers are clearly interested in ROI metrics and are increasingly looking to iTV-enabled advertising as a way to quantify the impact of their messages," said Hank Oster, corporate senior vice president and general manager of Comcast Spotlight. "When you combine cable's unique ability to assemble fragmented audiences with the ability to engage directly with those viewers, the result is an unmatched advertising platform."

Among the advertisers that have utilized Comcast Spotlight's iTV platform is Nike, which used VOD telescoping to promote the debut of "The Black Mamba,"an approximately six-minute short film starring Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant. A 30-second spot promoting the film aired across Comcast Spotlight's full iTV advertising-enabled footprint, inviting viewers to click "OK" on their remotes to watch the film. The campaign produced strong engagement results, with the average time spent watching exceeding 80 percent of the movie's length.

To promote the launch of NBC's "The Voice,"the network used local advertising across Comcast Spotlight's footprint, including interactive spots, banners on Comcast's interactive program guide (i-Guide) and online advertising. The campaign delivered more than 8 million impressions and more than 84,000 interactions with iTV-enabled advertisements, helping contribute to an increase in metrics such as ad recall, visits to the show's website, search activity and ratings in Comcast markets, according to Comcast Spotlight.

Comcast has also started offering dynamic ad insertion in VOD and expects to have it in the majority of its markets by next year.


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