Broadcom has introduced a single chip that can tune the entire satellite channel band; the chip is designed to replace multiple tuners now required to cover the entire 950-2150 MHz spectrum.

The integration of multiple tuners into a single chip should help reduce the cost of building and operating satellite set-top boxes.

Broadcom's full-band capture digital tuner, formally the BCM4528 FBC Multi-Demodulator SoC, digitizes the entire 950-2150 MHz spectrum. Some systems use up to eight chips to cover that range, the company said.

The company said satellite systems will no longer have to account for wideband "block" tuner restrictions, which could lead to more efficient distribution of video streams and IP services.

Satellite systems will be able to realize more than 50 percent reduction in power savings, Broadcom warranted. The new chip will also support faster channel changes.