Itaas helps MSOs jump into EBIF

Mon, 06/13/2011 - 8:10am
Brian Santo

Itaas has collected a set of tested EBIF applications it is making available to any MSO looking to launch interactivity on an accelerated schedule.

Itaas' program, dubbed iLaunch, will allow cable operators to customize and deploy a variety of EBIF applications developed by itaas and third-party developers.

The company can provide support services for cable operators deploying the applications. It also has a program where third-party EBIF application developers can submit their applications to itaas for testing; applications that pass muster can be included in the iLaunch program.

Itaas has what it's calling a basic starter kit that comes with three applications: Remind and Record; QuickStart; and News, Weather & Sports Info.

"Now that the EBIF platform is being launched in millions of set-tops, customers have asked for an easier way to deploy new applications," said Vibha Rustagi, itaas' chief executive officer and president.

"Rigorous testing is imperative to deployment success and time to market," she added. "At itaas, we have major integration and QA labs in North America and India, as well as extensive experience in working with third-party developers to test and deploy their applications. Our goal is to use our labs and experience to bring an advantage to our customers."


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