Arris, BCM, BigBand team up on EBIF demo at CableLabs interop

Mon, 05/16/2011 - 8:25am
Mike Robuck

Interactive TV provider BCM joined forces with Arris and BigBand Networks to demonstrate EBIF-based dynamic switching at a recent CableLabs interoperability event.

The three companies showcased the ability to dynamically switch between locally inserted Enhanced Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) interactive events and nationally inserted EBIF interactive events with pre-bound and late-bound events at the CableLabs interop May 2-6.

BCM said the demonstration showed that national and local interactivity could coexist, allowing operators to maximize their EBIF investment by taking advantage of both national and local revenue opportunities made possible by interactive television.

With national interactive EBIF events that were inserted upstream by the national programmer, BigBand's BMR "pass-through" mode enabled those events to reach the viewer.

When a local advertisement opportunity occurred, the Arris local ad server streamed either a pre-bound interactive local advertisement or worked in conjunction with BCM's Onyx MetaCast server streaming EBIF data for a late-bound interactive advertisement.

The Arris ConvergeMedia AdManager platform managed, stored and reported on multiple forms of EBIF-enabled advertising for delivery. From there, BigBand's BMR either passed through the pre-bound data or performed the necessary late-bind multiplexing to make the local advertisement interactive.

The BigBand BMR was upgraded to switch between pre-bound pass-through and late-bind multiplexing.

"We are proud to finally be able to show that local interactivity can work seamlessly next to national interactive platforms such as the ones currently offered by Canoe Ventures," said Madeleine Noland, CTO of BCM.


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