Verizon demos full-res 3-D on FiOS

Fri, 01/07/2011 - 7:35am
Brian Santo

Verizon and Panasonic demonstrated the ability to stream full-resolution 3-D video over the former's fiber-optic network for playback through one of the latter's Blu-ray players.

3-D is commonly halved, with one-half the bandwidth dedicated to right-eye view images and the other half to left-eye view images.

The two said that in order to enable the transmission, they had to co-develop network, software and user interface enhancements, but they provided few details.

FiOS engineers showed a selection of 3-D content streaming to a Panasonic Full HD Blu-ray 3-D Disc player at a bit rate of up to 18 Mbps, or about the bandwidth ordinarily dedicated to three separate channels.



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