Videotron is set to dive into 3-D TV in December. The company selected Sensio to provide the technology, the vendor said.

Sensio said it will be able to provide a 3-D experience not only to viewers who've purchased 3-D TVs, but also for those who have HDTVs.

For 3-D TVs, programming will be offered in the Sensio 3-D format. For non 3-D-enabled TVs, Sensio will translate video into anaglyph 3-D. Anaglyph is the version of 3-D that is viewed through the classic 3-D glasses, those with one blue lens and one red lens.

"We are very proud that our first agreement with a cable broadcaster is with a Canadian company," said Nicholas Routhier, president and CEO of Sensio. "Videotron wants to offer 3-D programming of a better visual quality, and our aim is to enable our partners to supply an improved customer experience. It's a real meeting of visions."