Time Warner Cable is set to roll out a new program in which it will guarantee a specific installation time for customers of its new "Signature Home" service, which includes a $189.95-per-month package of services.

The approach is being tested in Charlotte, N.C., and will roll out nationally within a few weeks, TWC CEO Glenn Britt told Bloomberg.

TWC is also evaluating several other tiers, including a package that comes with two DVRs and broadband and the lower-priced TV Essentials tier announced last week.

"We're doing a lot of work segmenting the audience. It turns out that there are very distinct segments of the public, both in terms of usage of the things we sell and psycho demographics, incomes, what-have-you. If we can put together packages targeted at those groups, we think that we're going to be a lot more successful," Britt told Bloomberg.