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TWC taps multiple VOD vendors

November 30, 2001 7:00 pm | by Staff | Comments

A deluge of video-on-demand vendors came forth in recent weeks to tell the world that they are taking significant roles in Time Warner Cable's aggressive VOD strategy. Though word had spread earlier this year that the MSO and nCUBE Corp. had a VOD agreement in the hopper, the deal finally became official in early November, when the vendor said Time Warner Cable would buy 77 VOD servers for ser...

Conexant puts satellite chip in orbit

November 30, 2001 7:00 pm | by Staff | Comments

Conexant Systems Inc. unveiled a single-chip dual-stream demodulator for satellite receiver systems. Targeting set-tops and receivers with personal video recording capabilities, Conexant's CX24130 can process two video streams simultaneously. "The attention in the last year is [focused on] PVR capability, and the ability to record something in the background while [the viewer] watches another ...

Sylantro weaves VoIP application plans

November 30, 2001 7:00 pm | by Staff | Comments

IP-based telephony services are still squarely in the nascent stage, but at least one company is making big application plans in the background for the day when deployment of the technology picks up the pace. Three-year-old Sylantro Systems' focus is on the business side of telephony applications, using IP as the mechanism to deliver them.


Comcast defines initial HD strategy

November 30, 2001 7:00 pm | by Staff | Comments

Comcast Cable Communications Inc. began marketing a tier of high- definition television services to about 1.3 million customers last month in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Comcast's initial HD lineup is comprised of programming from major networks such as ABC, NBC and CBS, as well as shows and movies from premium nets HBO and Showtime.

Charter forges Microsoft TV pact

November 30, 2001 7:00 pm | by Staff | Comments

Giving Microsoft Corp.'s interactive television strategy a big boost, Charter Communications Inc. agreed to buy 1 million Microsoft TV software licenses over the next seven years. Charter, a champion of "thick-client" set-tops, said it would offer the software on Motorola Broadband-built DCT-5000 boxes and run applications supplied by Digeo Inc.

Cedar Point aims to simplify VoIP

November 30, 2001 7:00 pm | by Staff | Comments

Cedar Point Communications hopes to make IP telephony a much simpler and less costly world in which to live. A typical, full-blown VoIP environment is comprised of a mishmash of call management servers, media gateway controllers, signal gateway and other network elements that link to the PSTN (public switched telephone network).

Microtune sings a set-top tune

November 30, 2001 7:00 pm | by Staff | Comments

Hoping to find a comfy home inside cable-set tops and residential gateways, Microtune introduced the MT2100 family of chip-based tuners fabricated in silicon germanium. Microtune, which has been most active with cable modem RF products over the last three to four years, said its silicon will shine most under "must-carry" conditions, when cable operators distribute analog and digital channels.

Spyglass Integration has independence in mind

November 30, 2001 7:00 pm | by Staff | Comments

Aiming to kick-start the interactive television sector, Spyglass Integration officially opened its doors for business in October on a new 31,000-square-foot laboratory based in Lexington, Mass. Coupled with financial backing from Motorola Inc. and OpenTV Corp., Spyglass Integration's call to arms is to hasten the deployment of cable- and satellite-based iTV services via "back office" tests and...


CableLabs freezes PacketCable specs

November 30, 2001 7:00 pm | by Staff | Comments

In an expected move following the first certification and qualification of equipment based on DOCSIS 1.1, CableLabs said it has frozen specifications tied to PacketCable. Tied to that, CableLabs said it expects to align qualification testing of PacketCable-based products next year alongside the organization's existing DOCSIS testing schedule.

HighSpeed Surfing waxes modularity

November 30, 2001 7:00 pm | by Staff | Comments

HighSpeed Surfing Inc. has launched the SM 200, a modular cable modem with wireless and wired home networking components. The model, which is DOCSIS 1.0-based and upgradable to 1.1, employs "snap-on" home networking modules. The first module, the SM 200 AP, offers an 802.11b-based wireless access point to the modem's base unit.

Bridging the pond with boxes

November 30, 2001 7:00 pm | by Jeff Baumgartner | Comments

Google Factor: 2,420 Unlike The Beatles, Pace Micro Technology plc did not exactly come to America with an embedded mass of people panting and heaving for its arrival. Instead, the company dropped anchor here with a monster challenge on its hands: breaking through the set-top duopoly enjoyed by Motorola Broadband Communications Sector and Scientific-Atlanta Inc.

Host-based modems make CableLabs debut

November 30, 2001 7:00 pm | by Staff | Comments

Host-based cable modems that could sell for less than $50 per unit made their first official appearance at CableLabs in October, when the R&D house kicked off certification wave 20. Intel Corp. and Coresma Inc. (formerly NetGame Ltd.) both submitted computer-controlled cable modems, or CCCMs, for DOCSIS 1.

Time Warner 'Explores' PVRs, HDTV

November 30, 2001 7:00 pm | by Staff | Comments

Expanding its relationship with Scientific-Atlanta Inc., Time Warner Cable has ordered 625,000 Explorer boxes to fuel the MSO's digital plans. The order is comprised of 475,000 Explorer 2100 model boxes, 100,000 PVR-enabled Explorer 8000s and 50,000 Explorer 3100HDs, which S-A claims can decode all 18 ATSC high-definition digital formats.

Jedai greenlights 'Runner' product family

November 30, 2001 7:00 pm | by Staff | Comments

Fueling plans to offer gear designed to allow cable operators to push their networks to the commercial sector, Jedai Broadband Networks Inc. last month unveiled its "Runner" family of products. Claiming the moniker signifies "speed and endurance," Jedai's equipment line includes the FrontRunner (optical network terminal), PacketRunner (optical network unit), WaveRunner (optical gateway), SkyRu...

Excite judge clears way for cutting service

November 29, 2001 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

The dickering over ExciteAtHome's value and its future with its cableco customers came to a head today when a bankruptcy court judge nullified AtHome's contracts with cablecos and said they'd have to renegotiate new ones. The decision comes on the heels of an open letter to the bankruptcy court judge, from U.


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