CSG, FourthWall team up to provide TV billing

Thu, 10/14/2010 - 8:40am
Mike Robuck

Billing vendor CSG Systems and FourthWall Media have pulled their resources to come up with a billing platform that allows cable operator subscribers to view and pay their cable bills on TV.

"This service is another core feature of the interactive ecosystem that will bring cable operators cost savings and new revenue," said Patrick Peters, executive vice president and general manager of programming at FourthWall Media. "In the coming months, we will include additional features, most notably the ability to upgrade service instantly with your remote. We're very excited to add CSG to our growing group of partners with key, foundational offerings that deliver innovations to the cable industry."

The application, which is called "Bill Pay on TV," will work on deployed EBIF platforms. Cable operator subscribers can view their cable bills and then use prompts to pay them by pressing buttons on their remote controls.

Interactive banner ads from programmers or other advertisers can also be included in the application, and cable operators will also have the ability to send targeted payment messages to their customers.

The messages, which could include instructions on how to use the remotes for payment or reminders that payments are past due, will appear on screens regardless of the channel the subscriber is watching.

"The combination of CSG and FourthWall Media will enable cable operators to continue to offer consumers more convenience in an innovative, interactive way," said Chad Dunavant, executive director of product strategy at CSG Systems. "This solution can reduce costs and late payments for the cable operator while making it easy for consumers to transact business on their terms."

FourthWall Media is working with Charter Communications and Concurrent on an interactive TV platform and has also launched several EBIF-based applications.

CSG Systems recently announced it was buying United Kingdom-based Intec Telecom for $372 million.

CSG's cable operator customers include Comcast, Charter and Cox Communications.


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