BigBand intros ultra-dense, 40:1 QAM

Tue, 10/19/2010 - 8:10am
Brian Santo

BigBand Networks is taking the wraps off of a new 40:1 QAM, significantly upping QAM density.

The high-density QAMs come as blades or plug-ins to the company's Media Services Platform (MSP).

BigBand MSP2800Cable operators are increasingly relying on QAM channels for service delivery, which is driving the need for higher-density QAMs. The phenomenon is also one of the drivers for new variations on network architecture, including the converged multi-access platform (CMAP) advocated by Comcast and backed by a growing number of other operators.

"With the advent of more narrowcast services, CMAP-class platforms will be needed to increase QAM-per-port density without using additional powering or rack space," said Jorge Salinger, vice president of access architecture at Comcast. "BigBand is addressing the demanding access requirements facing MSOs to enable an easier migration toward next-generation converged service delivery at the edge."

Today's standalone QAM products do not deliver the required operational performance, including redundancy and management capabilities to support thousands of QAMs and dozens of service groups per hub in a single platform. BigBand's new ultra-dense QAM platform is designed to deliver attractive economics with power and space savings, high-availability service delivery, and efficient operating tools to provision and monitor multiple services.

BigBand's position is that marrying high density QAMs with its MSP makes it easy to quickly add new applications and share bandwidth efficiently across multiple applications. That includes enabling services such as advanced advertising and personalized services such as IPTV and time-shifted TV. 

The compact version of the MSP, the MSP1200, offers support for an excess of 1,200 QAMs per chassis. The higher-capacity MSP2800 will support more than 3,800 QAMs per chassis with a software upgrade.


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