TM Forum intros Frameworx for providers, vendors

Wed, 08/04/2010 - 8:25am
Traci Patterson

The TM Forum has launched the Frameworx Conformance Certification program, which allows service providers and vendors to independently assess their conformance to Frameworx – an integrated business and IT architecture.

The TM Forum Frameworx Implementation Conformance Certification allows service providers to validate their organizational processes against TM Forum Frameworx standards and best practices, as well as to use the results to identify areas of conformance and opportunities for improvement.

Conformance certification assessments also enable service providers to:

  • Reduce the cost timeframe and risk associated with the integration of a new product or service
  • Significantly reduce the cost of handling the RFx process through the use of standard RFx templates and response mechanisms
  • Provide a common language and data definitions for defining business processes, which is key to providing improved customer response time and satisfaction

With the TM Forum Frameworx Product Conformance Certification, suppliers, vendors and systems integrators can validate their own products against TM Forum Frameworx standards and best practices to identify areas for improvement and determine the extent to which products are consistent with best-in-class standards.

Conformance certification assessments also enable vendors to:

  • Maximize the return on development investment
  • Drive down costs and risks by using proven industry standards rather than inventing solutions themselves
  • Reduce support costs by providing one standardized solution rather than numerous custom solutions
  • Ease integration with their customer's business architecture

According to the TM Forum, Frameworx serves as a blueprint for a service provider's entire operational back office and is compatible with industry standards such as ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and Services Oriented Architecture (SOA). It defines standard process and information models required to run the business and the major systems that implement and automate those processes. It also defines the architectural rules for grouping systems into logical domains – such as enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management – and the standardized interfaces between those domains.

Keith Willetts, chairman and CEO of the TM Forum, said: "TM Forum's conformance certification illustrates commitment to interoperability and provides reassurance to customers seeking standards-based, and therefore cost-effective and flexible, solutions. With TM Forum Frameworx becoming an increasingly prominent requirement of service providers for their operations and IT architecture, the ability to prove conformance to these standards will set suppliers apart from their competition."

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