Apple: Don't hold the iPhone 4 like that

Fri, 06/25/2010 - 8:05am
Andrew Berg, Wireless Week

That little problem with the iPhone 4's antenna doesn't appear as a concern on Steve Jobs' radar. According to an e-mail obtained by Engadget, Jobs has responded to an anonymous customer's e-mail on the matter, saying "Just avoid holding it in that way."

While Apple's iPhone 4 is selling out in stores, the new smartphone has been plagued by reports that Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth connectivity are lost when the user touches the bottom left-hand corner of the phone. The problem can be remedied with one of Apple's rubber bumpers that cover the stainless steel band on the outside of the phone. 

Jobs' sentiments that the problem is not unique to the iPhone 4 and is really no big deal were echoed in an official statement from Apple: "Gripping any mobile phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance, with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas. This is a fact of life for every wireless phone. If you ever experience this on your iPhone 4, avoid gripping it in the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band, or simply use one of many available cases."

While the latest iPhone has received its share of complaints, overall reviews have been positive. Pre-orders of the iPhone began being fulfilled with deliveries on June 22, with official launch happening yesterday at Apple and Best Buy retail outlets.

AT&T has released an official statement that it will not begin selling the phone until June 29. Many are calling for Apple to provide the rubber bumpers, which sell for $29.99 at the Apple Store, for free.

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