Hillcrest Labs launches new Web browser for TVs; Hulu not playing?

Mon, 03/22/2010 - 8:30am
Mike Robuck

Hillcrest Labs announced today that it has launched a new Web browser for viewing Internet videos on TVs.

The Kylo Web browser works with PCs or Macs that are physically connected to consumers’ TVs to let them visit Web sites of their choosing. Unlike traditional Internet browsers, Hillcrest said Kylo was developed to let help viewers watch Internet content on their TVs from a distance in living rooms or family rooms.

Since viewers can access all types of over-the-top services that are available on the Internet, the Kylo is more of an open approach than “walled gardens” that keep customers in designated areas of the Internet.

"No matter how hard they try, no single set-top-box manufacturer, specialized TV widget developer, or content aggregator can match the volume of online viewing choices available on a computer," said Dan Simpkins, founder and CEO of Hillcrest Labs.  "For this reason, many consumers are simply using their new HDTVs as an alternative display for their PCs or Macs. So, we've developed Kylo as a free and simple TV browser that enables them to visit any site on the Web, and makes the entire experience more enjoyable."  

While Hillcrest is offering the Kylo for free, the company is hoping it will drive sales of its Loop in-air mouse, which can be used as a remote control, that retails for $99, although Kylo works with a standard mouse.

After the initial press release hit the wires this morning, Hillcrest followed up with a statement from Simpkins about the new Web browser not working with video content from Hulu.

"We are currently investigating why Hulu videos are not playing within the Kylo browser,” Simpkins said. “Prior to our formal launch, Hulu videos would play within the Kylo browser. Like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, the Kylo browser is simply a Web browser, it's our sincere hope that Hulu isn't restricting access."

Earlier this year, Hulu and Boxee were involved in a dustup over Boxee accessing Hulu’s videos, which led to Hulu blocking Boxee from its feeds.

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