Sigma Designs plans 3-D chips for set-tops, TVs

Tue, 02/16/2010 - 7:35am
Brian Santo

Sigma Designs plans to integrate Sensio Technologies’ 3-D format decoder in its next round of media processors, as one of several 3-D technologies that Sigma Designs plans to support.

Sensio Technology said Sigma is licensing its Sensio stereoscopic 3-D technology for chips that would be built into set-top boxes, AV receivers, HDTVs and Blu-ray players.

Sensio recently got a boost when TV-maker Vizio said it would sell TVs incorporating Sensio’s 3-D technology. The company claims its client list includes Dreamworks, Disney, Miramax and ILM, and its Web site boasts of “advanced discussions” with manufacturers Toshiba, JVC, Sharp, Marantz and Texas Instruments.

Sigma Designs’ customers have included Cisco, Motorola and Panasonic.

“The Sensio 3-D format is widely known and respected for its image quality and for its broad compatibility with existing technologies and infrastructures,” said Ken Lowe, vice president of strategic marketing for Sigma Designs. “In developing our new line of 3-D-video-capable chips, we are incorporating many different technologies and formats, so it makes sense that Sensio would be one of the first considerations.”

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