Canoe sets up lab; partners with CableLabs

Thu, 02/11/2010 - 7:35am
Brian Santo

Canoe Ventures has taken another step forward with the establishment of a testing lab. Canoe Ventures announced a formal partnership between its lab, which it’s calling the Innovation Lab, and  CableLabs’ AdLab.

Canoe Ventures’ Innovation Lab is apparently an outgrowth of a successful demonstration the two organizations just held a the CableLabs Winter Conference. CableLabs/Adlab set up as a demo MSO, and Canoe/Innovation Lab set up as a national advertising broker.

The demonstration showed how local and national advertising interests could check ad avails against ad inventory and successfully buy and insert ads on the fly. In essence, the two labs demonstrated that the entire Canoe approach is workable.

Ralph Brown, CTO of CableLabs, said in a prepared statement, “Since the CableLabs’ AdLab simulates an SCTE130-compliant MSO delivery system, connecting to Canoe’s Innovation Lab provides examples of both a national network and MSO ad sales and delivery infrastructure. Together, it creates an end-to-end advanced advertising environment that models a working Canoe connection to an MSO for our owners to proof and prototype next-generation infrastructure, processes, devices and interfaces.”

 “We’re excited by the launch of the Innovation Lab, where we’ll prototype and evaluate Canoe’s product and services roadmap with potential technology partners and their relevant offerings,” said Arthur Orduna, chief technology officer of Canoe Ventures.

Representatives of Canoe and CableLabs were not available for comment by presstime.

The first test of the new collaborative environment, the partners said, will prototype and evaluate the technologies required for an end-to-end infrastructure based on SCTE 130 standards.

This prototype-only environment was developed with the participation of Cisco and Motorola, OpenTV, Ericsson, and This Technology. 

The SCTE 130 standard is a multipart specification that defines how advertising-placement servers (ad decisions systems or ADS) communicate with video-delivery equipment (ad managers or ADM). It supports a unified platform for dynamic, addressable, and interactive ad insertion, while merging inventory metadata (placement opportunity information or POIS), content metadata (CIS), and subscriber metadata (SIS).

Cisco and Motorola both provided video pumps for the recent demonstration (the ADS/ADM). OpenTV and Ericsson both provided campaign management systems, or ADS. This Technology is a tiny company that fills a vital niche with dynamic metadata and advanced advertising supply management systems (or POIS/CIS), a bit of glue necessary for the assembly of the national advertising ecosystem that Canoe is putting together.

Canoe and CableLabs together can create an environment emulating a Canoe hosted national network ADS capable of interacting with distributed MSO SCTE 130-compliant systems.

Orduna said, “We’re also pleased with our initial set of technology providers who are helping us prototype a national and local SCTE 130-compliant infrastructure. These vendors - Cisco, OpenTV, Motorola Ericsson and This Technology, LLC - provided mature and interoperable products and services that allowed us to create a working lab environment quickly and effectively.”

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