FCC: Curtains for 700 MHz mikes

Mon, 01/18/2010 - 7:15am
Brian Santo

Tying up some loose strings from the digital transition, the Federal Communications Commission is disallowing the further distribution and sale of devices that operate in the 700 MHz frequency. The measure is aimed directly at wireless microphones.

The FCC is looking to clear the 700 MHz band to enable the rollout of commercial 4G wireless services, and also for communications services for public safety.

Those using wireless mikes that operate in that spectrum get until June 12 to replace their equipment with products operating in some other band.

Wireless companies are, of course, happy.

Verizon senior vice president of federal regulatory affairs Kathleen Grillo, for example, said: "Verizon appreciates the Commission's resolve to clear the 700 MHz spectrum. That spectrum is vitally important to the development of new broadband services that will bring tremendous benefits to the public, including advanced communications services for first responders."

CTIA's President and CEO, Steve Largent, added the wireless association’s thanks to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski: "The order will help ensure that harmful interference does not hamper commercial wireless carriers’ 4th-generation deployment plans, which promise to increase mobile broadband availability and adoption, as well as create much-needed jobs. The order also will protect public safety from harmful interference that could jeopardize life-saving missions."

Consumers can go to the FCC’s Web site to learn whether any of their wireless devices are currently operating in the prohibited band, and whether those devices may be retuned to operate on another band.

– Wireless Week’s Andrew Berg contributed to this report

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