AdMob: New devices drive traffic for RIM, Android

Mon, 11/23/2009 - 7:15am
Andrew Berg, Wireless Week

AdMob today released its monthly Mobile Metrics Report, which showed that new devices operating on Research In Motion (RIM) and Android are driving traffic for their respective platforms. According to the report, new devices from RIM are generating an increasing percentage of the total number of requests for the platform.

The recently launched BlackBerry Tour and new versions of the Curve (8900 and 8520) are apparently the devices that upped RIM traffic. The older 8100 Pearl series has seen its share of RIM traffic steadily decrease from 28 percent in April to 16 percent in October. However, the 8300 Curve series has maintained approximately 44 percent share over the last six months.

Meanwhile, the bevy of new Android devices has delivered a big boost in traffic for the OS over the last month. Worldwide requests from Android devices increased 5.8 times since April 2009 in the AdMob network. The HTC Dream (G1) has continued to experience strong growth over the past six months, and the launch of new devices is driving significant incremental growth in Android traffic.

The Motorola Droid already represented 24 percent of all Android requests in AdMob's network two weeks after it launched.

In the United States, Android had a 20 percent share of smartphone traffic, up from 7 percent six months before, and the HTC Magic (myTouch 3G) and HTC Dream were both top-10 devices. The Motorola Cliq has also seen fast pickup since its launch at T-Mobile USA, generating 6 percent of Android traffic on Nov. 18.

Apple topped AdMob's list of smartphone vendors for the most ad requests globally at 32.1 percent of total requests. Nokia came in second with 19.6 percent, followed by Samsung, which garnered 12.3 percent. The iPhone was the top handset in ad requests globally, with 22.4 percent of total requests, up 5.5 percent from last month.

Gartner recently forecast that by 2012, Android will rank second globally in total market share, behind the Symbian OS, which is used in Nokia devices that are highly popular in Europe and many countries outside the United States.

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