TM Forum opens spec, performs MSO outreach

Thu, 10/29/2009 - 8:20am
Brian Santo

IPDR is now being offered as an open specification, available to everyone, even for organizations that are not members of the TM Forum, which manages the spec.

IPDR is a spec that covers usage measurement data exchange for next-generation services across an extended value chain of partners, and it’s used by many IP network and service providers. But not many cable operators are members of the TM Forum, which sent representatives to Cable-Tec Expo to do a little MSO outreach.

They’ve already got significant buy-in from some key figures in the cable industry, working through CableLabs. IPDR has, in fact, adopted IPDR/SP as a mandatory part of DOCSIS and OpenCable.

“We are very pleased that TM Forum is making IPDR specifications available to an audience beyond our respective membership,” said Ralph W. Brown, CTO of CableLabs. “CableLabs has always made a practice of making its specifications publicly available to expand adoption. This action on the part of the TM Forum should enable the growth of the IPDR user community and drive technical contributions for exciting new IPDR features.”

“Time Warner Cable applauds TM Forum’s decision to make the IPDR specification publically available,” said Jon Anderson, vice president of the Advanced Technology Group at Time Warner Cable. “We believe that this change is a significant step forward that will facilitate IPDR’s development and rapid adoption as a robust management interface by a variety of hardware and software suppliers and systems integrators.”

“Public availability of the IPDR specification is an important move toward wider acceptance of the protocol,” said Jeffrey Finkelstein, director of network architecture for Cox Communications. “We are a supporter of open specifications and are pleased to see the TM Forum, of which we are a member, take this significant step forward.”

TM Forum is now making IPDR an open standard available to TM Forum non-members, as well as members. The intent is to maximize and accelerate IPDR use by hardware and software suppliers and systems integrators.

The full IPDR Solution Suite now incorporates a comprehensive set of tools, including IPDR Streaming Protocol Specification, Business Solution Requirements, IPDR Specification Design Guide, File Transfer mode protocol specifications, key service specifications, the IPDR/XDR Encoding Format and IPDR Usage Data Accounting Requirements, the TM Forum said.

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