PPC intros filters, connector, cable

Wed, 10/28/2009 - 8:10am
Traci Patterson

PPC has introduced new MoCA Tight and MoCA ground block filters, an EXPlus continuity connector and a Locking HDMI Cable.

The company’s patent-pending MoCA Tight filter and MoCA ground block filter will provide subscribers with the security they require and the multi-room DVR experience they expect as in-home networking services continue to grow, PPC said.

The PPC MoCA Tight filter includes an integrated weather seal, ensuring long-term stability and protection against moisture and corrosion. The MoCA ground block combines a ground block and MoCA filter into a single device. Together, these filters reduce the amount of connection points and tampering.

“Consumers have high expectations for their multi-room DVR experience. We are excited to introduce our MoCA line of filters, which enable service providers to meet these expectations, while simplifying installations through fewer connection points to save them time and operational costs,” said Dave Morrocco, vice president and general manager of broadband for PPC.

The company’s new, patented EXPlus continuity connector creates an optimal connection, reducing network degradation and service calls due to a less-than-finger-tight connection.

Based on PPC’s existing EX Series of connectors, EXPlus employs a feature that prevents RFI ingress and maintains constant signal continuity, even when the nut is loose. Because a single loose connector can affect the entire return path performance, EXPlus lowers the threshold of the entire node, increasing the threshold of CPE devices and reducing service calls.

And PPC’s Locking HDMI Cable features a built-in mechanism that automatically locks the cable in place to eliminate loosening and fall-out.

To resolve the issue of loose HDMI cables, PPC’s Locking HDMI Cable grips a port with 10 times the strength of conventional connectors, enabling average port retention of 25 pounds. A release tab prevents port damage when removing the cable.

“For cable operators, this innovative device has been designed to reduce service calls and the associated operational costs,” Morrocco said. “And for end users, it means an optimal HD experience free from the inconvenience of system down time.”

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