PCT Int’l amplifiers boost MoCA

Wed, 10/21/2009 - 8:25am
Brian Santo

PCT International will be at the Cable-Tec Expo brandishing a new line of amplifiers designed to optimize home networks based on the Multimedia over Coax standard.

PCT International’s drop amplifiers with MoCA filters use low pass filters to confine the 1125-1525 MHz MoCA signals to the home network, and to ensure the low port-to-port isolation that minimizes loss of MoCA networking signals, the company said. The amplifiers are also designed to use forward path equalization to account for the loss of cable signal quality in the drop.

The amps are available with or without integrated modem ports. In the integrated modem port versions, a MoCA bypass connection enables in-home networking between the EMTA, set-top boxes and networked devices. The bypass version also has a passive RF link to the EMTA to ensure connectivity in the event of power or amplifier failures. The bypass version is available in 4- and 8-port configurations. 

The standard version, without the integrated modem port, is available in 1- and 4-port configurations, and with both active and passive reverse paths. An 8-port configuration of the standard version is available upon request. 

“MoCA allows MSOs to provide advanced services, such as multi-room DVRs and faster connectivity, to take advantage of higher bandwidth with DOCSIS 3.0,” said Jon Wang, vice president of RF engineering for PCT. “While the MoCA standards themselves have become pivotal in most discussions related to home networking, the role of the drop network architecture is crucial to the end result. Our engineering teams have worked closely with major cable system operators to create an innovative technological approach that simplifies installation and ensures the best possible in-home experience.”

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