Antronix adds VoIP amps, MoCA products

Tue, 10/27/2009 - 8:25am
Mike Robuck

Antronix announced two new VoIP residential amplifiers, and it also introduced lines of filters, splitters and drop amps that support MoCA home network installations.

The MoCA products address applications in the MoCA pass band from 1125 MHz to 1525 MHz. All enable the successful deployment of services over a MoCA-compliant backbone while maintaining excellent performance in the legacy band, Antronix said.

Antronix VRA900The new blocking filters are designed to keep MoCA signals within the residence, minimizing MoCA signals from appearing on the outside plant while preventing interference between homes that employ MoCA technology. Constructed with a solid, nickel-plated brass housing, the unit is suitable for outdoor installations.

The new splitters are optimized for use in the MoCA band. All offer 6 kV surge protection and SCTE-compliant F Ports.

Antronix also introduced a feature-selectable family of amplifiers geared to address end-user topologies and applications. Available configurations include internal isolation filters, triplexers for MoCA signal bypassing, and forward and return gain selections.

The VRA50 boasts one passive VoIP port and four amplified output ports with unity gain in the forward direction and passive return. The VRA900 is a nine-port device with one passive VoIP port and eight amplified output ports, similarly with unity gain in the forward and return directions.

The passive VoIP ports provide reliable service, even when power to the amplifier is disrupted, Antronix said. These amplifiers employ the Antronix CamPort auto-seizing F Port, ensuring maximum contact area and reliability for multimedia applications. The all-ports-down configuration allows for ease of installation in an NID enclosure, according to the company.

With a 3 dB noise figure, the devices offer clean amplification of weak signals. Six kV surge protection without arc gaps reduces high-impulse noise on RF ports during discharge. Proprietary ferrite blend inhibits re-magnetization of the core due to voltage spikes, preventing high-level return carriers from affecting forward path video signals.

“We view MoCA as a key component to the challenge faced by MSOs with respect to in-home connectivity,” commented Neil Tang, Antronix’s executive vice president. “Basically, if you have coax, it works. Our intent going forward is to continue to support this standard with new, innovative and expanded product offerings in order to meet end-users’ needs.”

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