Nokia rights Ovi, welcomes developers with SDK

Fri, 09/04/2009 - 8:05am
Andrew Berg, Wireless Week

Nokia yesterday finally unveiled the Ovi Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) Beta.

Ovi Store, Nokia's answer to Apple's App Store, launched in May to a host of problems. Since then, it appears Nokia has gotten its house in order and is now ready to welcome application developers to the site. The SDK offers up a number of APIs for developers and should dramatically increase the inventory at the Ovi Store. 

The announcement was made from Stutgardt, Germany, where Nokia is holding its annual Nokia World conference. This year’s conference has focused heavily on content and services.

The new Web-based toolbox offers developers an SDK that will allow them to develop for Symbian, Maemo and the Web. It also brings in a new user interface made up of a series of libraries, alongside integrated Ovi features. The Ovi SDK Beta uses standard, Web-based technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Forming part of the SDK is the Ovi Navigation Player API. This sits alongside the previously launched Ovi Maps Player API, which developers have already been using to create applications. Adding navigation to the mix offers a wealth of new app opportunities (app-ortunities, anyone?), including the ability to guide app users to specific destinations.

Ovi SDK Beta is available now by invitation. Developers can register at Forum Nokia to register.

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