Cable veteran Pohl is Jinni’s new CEO

Wed, 09/30/2009 - 9:25am
Mike Robuck

Jinni, a search and recommendation service for video content, today announced the appointment of Michael Pohl as its new CEO.

Through his work with cable vendors such as nCube, C-Cor and Arris, Pohl brings 25 years of telecommunications industry experience, as well as a decade of focus on next-generation services such as on-demand and advanced advertising.

"[Pohl] is respected for his ability to really understand the business ramifications of new technologies," said Yosi Glick, Jinni’s co-founder and president.

Jinni’s search service helps consumers find movies and shows on the Web, TV or mobile devices that match their personal moods and tastes.

"Content discovery today is based on keywords searches that don’t factor in the personal and emotional aspects of what a consumer wants to watch,” said Pohl. “Jinni’s intelligent approach, based on proprietary algorithms, reflects the way people think and talk about entertainment, and shifts the spotlight from rigid categories and keyword search to results that match a real consumer’s tastes. For example, a search for ‘funny action movie with a surprise twist’ or ‘smart love story’ will yield real results.”

Pohl currently serves on the board of directors at Ascent Media Corp. and BigBand Networks. He was a 2008 recipient of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association Vanguard Award for Associates & Affiliates. 

Pohl was president of the Global Strategies Group at C-Cor, where he oversaw worldwide sales, marketing, product management and global strategy. Prior to C-Cor, he served as president and CEO of nCube.

Pohl has held executive positions at SkyConnect and Douglas Communications Corp., and at Arris Group as vice president/general manager of the on-demand systems division.

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