Broadband Briefs for 07/21/09

Tue, 07/21/2009 - 8:00am

• Minerva drops widget engine into IPTV platform
By Mike Robuck

Minerva Networks has dropped a widget engine into its fourth-generation IPTV platform that will allow service providers to add in blended Internet and TV services, whole-home DVR functionality and new user interfaces. The Minerva platform, which is called iTV Manager 4.0, is also capable of supporting applications such as RSS news feeds, stock market, weather and traffic information, visual voicemail, Caller ID and Web 2.0 services.

“Blending legacy television programming with Internet content and applications is critical for triple-play operators to differentiate their offerings and address the competitive pressure posed by emerging over-the-top services,” said Mauro Bonomi, CEO of Minerva. “Minerva’s new development environment allows third parties to easily build converged television and Internet applications.”

Minerva said the new platform is in use at select sites around the world and will become generally available next month.

• Sencore zeroing in on Wegener buy
By Brian Santo

Sencore plans to buy Wegener. There is no final agreement yet, but negotiations are ongoing. The two have signed a non-binding letter of intent that would have the former buy the latter for $6 million.

Wegener provides tailored and off-the-shelf audio and video distribution systems. Sencore provides broadcasters, satellite providers, cable operators, telcos, retailers, engineers and installers with operational, signal monitoring and analysis, and video/audio distribution equipment. 

Wegener has made a binding commitment to negotiate exclusively with Sencore for a period of 60 days commencing on the date of the letter of intent and has to pay certain termination fees under certain circumstances.

• Andrew Solutions debuts new geolocation offerings
By Mike Robuck

Andrew Solutions, a division of CommScope, is serving up the next generation of offerings for enabling location-capable networks.

Andrew said the updated version the company’s geolocation offerings feature cost-efficiencies, capacity and algorithm enhancements, and better technology integration in order to help carries address commercial and regulatory applications, such as security and emergency 911 and 112.

Andrew Solutions said the new capabilities and technologies will join the company’s existing geolocation offerings under the new brand name of “GeoLens.”

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