Dilithium promises better mobile video transmission

Tue, 04/14/2009 - 8:20am
Monica Alleven, Wireless Week

Dilithium is introducing the Dilithium Video Optimizer (DVO), which, the company says, reduces bandwidth for mobile video transmission by 50 percent without impeding video quality.

The DVO enables network planners to shape video traffic to accommodate more users and save on radio and core network expansions, Dilithium says. For service providers, they can use it to offer value-added services and charge customers for higher video bandwidth or make content display faster with less buffering.

Dilithium BlackBerry

Companies that offer mobile TV services, whether it be someone like MobiTV or MediaFlo, might be interested in the product, as well as wireless service providers, says Dilithium CEO Paul Zuber.

Dilithium is now focusing more on the Americas than it had previously. About 90 percent of its business comes from outside of the United States, even though it’s now based in Petaluma, Calif. That’s because the company, founded in 2001, decided early on to follow 3G, and the U.S. market then wasn’t as far along as other parts of the world, he explains.

Today, the majority of Dilithium’s solutions are IP based, so they can run on any network, and with the iPhone educating users about services other than voice, demand is increasing for video and multimedia.

The company is not dependent on one product or geography, so that has helped in areas of the world that aren’t seeing high demand. In its last quarter, the company saw quarter bookings go up more than 450 percent.

While Dilithium is profitable and growing, it’s not necessarily prettying itself for sale anytime soon. “We always run the company as if we’re independent,” Zuber says. At some point down the line, the company could go public or combine with another, but for now, “we will continue to run it that way.”

In multimedia gateways, Dilithium has about 60 percent market share, with its main, single competitor being Ericsson.

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