Arris amps up its D5 edge QAM

Tue, 04/14/2009 - 8:45am
Brian Santo

Arris has introduced a module for its universal edge QAM designed to make the device capable of supporting more channels more flexibly.

One of the keys in QAM technology is driving greater density to make QAMs ever-more efficient and economical in video-on-demand, switched digital video and DOCSIS M-CMTS applications.

The QPM (Quad Port Module) 8DX4 is a high-density QAM-RF module for Arris’ D5 Universal Edge QAM (UEQ). The module has 4 RF ports, each capable of outputting up to 8 QAM channels that meet the DOCSIS DRFI specification.

The configuration of each RF output is highly flexible, Arris said, allowing support for multiple services on a single QAM channel, on multiple QAM channels within a bonded serving group, or on different QAM modules in the D5 UEQ.

Even greater port density is accommodated by virtue of the architecture of the card, which allows for future expansion to a higher number of QAM channels via software.

As it is, the D5 UEQ with QPM 8DX4 installed will support up to 192 Annex B QAM 256 channels and 144 Annex A QAM 256 channels with software Release 3.0, Arris said.

Arris also claimed several innovations for the QPM 8DX4, one of which is demodulation of downstream channels to monitor and analyze the performance of the QAM channel.

Coupled with the D5, Arris claims the QPM 8DX4 offers the lowest channel power per QAM of any device in this class, with less than 3W per channel in deployed configurations.

"More services are moving to narrowcast and unicast. This requires massive growth in bandwidth supported at the edge of the network, without requiring additional rack space and power consumption," said Charles Cheevers, Arris’ vice president of product line management and multimedia and CTO for Europe. "The new QPM 8DX4 module gives operators scope to wire once and increase the number of QAM channels to meet the demand for additional capacity to the service group."

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