Zodiac, Alticast team up on tru2way

Mon, 01/26/2009 - 7:45am
Mike Robuck

Interactive tru2way applications and platforms will get a lift now that Zodiac Interactive and Alticast have announced that they’re combining their respective tru2way technologies.

Seoul, Korea-based Alticast brings its years of experience with Multimedia Home Platform (MHP), which tru2way is based on, and its AltiCaptor to the partnership, while Zodiac provides its PowerUp tru2way technology.

The two companies said the combined platform will enable MSOs to deliver interactive services and applications, including next-generation interactive user interfaces, guides, messaging, Enhanced Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) and advanced video-on-demand (VOD).

MSOs will also be able to more easily offer subscribers advanced services such as TV widgets, which Zodiac calls “Zidgets,” including local restaurant searching, click-to-call, multi-player games, photo-sharing, weather, traffic, sports scores, local news and more.

The two companies said their first joint project will be to deliver a combined offering that is designed to power Cisco/Scientific-Atlanta’s tru2way set-top boxes.

Zodiac’s Restaurant Search Zidget.

PowerUp is Zodiac's tru2way framework that allows for a broad range of services across multiple devices. Alticast’s AltiCaptor is embedded software that helps cable operators offer value-added, OpenCable interactive services.

Tru2way technology, which has been supported by the NCTA and the top-six cable companies in the nation, is also supported by Panasonic, Sony and Samsung. The specification is also supported by TV set-makers LG Electronics and Funai Electric; set-top vendors Motorola, Cisco, Pace, Digeo, ADB, Thomson and EchoStar; and chip giant Intel, as well as ST Micro and Broadcom. (For more on tru2way, click here).

With tru2way, cable operators can offer a wide range of services and product offerings that will differentiate them from their competitors. Tru2way applications will include addressable advertising, electronic program guides, Caller ID on TV, news and sports information on TV screens, VOD, digital video recorders, games, shopping and customer care.

For developers, content providers and broadcasters, tru2way holds the promise of “write once, deploy everywhere,” as opposed to writing to various proprietary platforms. Tru2way devices will eventually be available in retail stores, and customers will also be able to take their tru2way devices from one MSO footprint to another when they move.

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