Report: Bright House airs concern over Verizon installs in Tampa

Fri, 12/12/2008 - 7:22am
Mike Robuck

Bright House Networks has asked state officials in Florida to look into alleged sloppy installs by Verizon in the Tampa Bay area.

Bright House Networks (BHN) filed a complaint with the state of Florida this week that Verizon’s techs are leaving loose cables in customers’ set-top boxes, which could lead to electrocution or a pose a fire hazard.

In its filing BHN wrote: "The net effect is to create a serious fire and electrocution hazard at potentially thousands of customers' premises throughout Tampa Bay," according to a story in today’s Tampa Bay Tribune.

BHN cited a survey of 1,963 homes that had switched back to its services which found that 19 percent of the houses had wires that were left ungrounded.

A Verizon spokesman said there only six or seven instances last year in the Tampa Bay area where Verizon’s technicians had mix-ups with their installation procedures. Verizon said in the story that BHN has overreacted and that it’s working to fix problems when BHN brings them to its attention.

BHN asked the Public Service Commission to halt Verizon’s installations of its FiOS TV service and to look into its installation practices. State officials told the newspaper this case is the first if its kind and they’re looking at how to proceed.

BHN, which is the nation’s sixth-largest cable operator, has been locking horns with Verizon over subscribers in the Tampa Bay area as customers have switched between the two looking for better deals.

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