Comcast using SevOne’s PAS for performance management

Fri, 10/17/2008 - 8:45am
Traci Patterson

When it comes to performance management, Comcast has chosen to push forward with SevOne and its Performance Appliance Solution (PAS).

“SevOne was, conservatively, 25 percent of the investment we had already made in our legacy provider,” said Jeff Gill, director of network surveillance for Comcast.  “Based on the success of the proof of concept and its ability to respond and successfully adapt to our demanding service provider environment, the decision for executive management to move forward with SevOne was easy.”

With SevOne’s PAS, Comcast’s performance data that is captured and stored at the national performance operations center can now be accessed at the regional and local levels.

“Before the SevOne installation, we were in a classic spoke and wheel support scenario,” Gill said. “If one of our regional technicians needed to access performance data, they would have to contact the national performance operations center and ask them to run a report, which was a slow and tedious process for resolving service issues.

“With SevOne’s PAS solution, our regional technical support teams now have instant access to locally based, real-time reports. SevOne is helping us to shift the traditional model for proactive service investigation from the operations center to specific regions where the disruptions are actually taking place.”

Now the nation’s largest cable operator can affordably monitor the performance of its entire service infrastructure with device-level visibility, enabling IT staff to set performance thresholds and device-level alerts at any geographic location, and before events degrade network availability.

Additionally, the speed at which Comcast is able to initiate and receive a report on the status of its network devices has been reduced to seconds versus hours or longer, SevOne said.

Comcast maintains 40 regional area networks comprising tens of thousands of network devices throughout the country. Fifteen technical service centers working behind the scenes of regional and local call centers ensure that Comcast’s network is uninterruptedly up-and-running and providing a high level of service delivery, according to the company.

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