Comcast Media Center, itaas hook up on tru2way, EBIF tests

Mon, 10/20/2008 - 8:35am
Mike Robuck

The Comcast Media Center (CMC) and itaas announced today that they’ve joined forces to provide testing support and compliance for tru2way and Enhanced Television-Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) applications on the CMC’s HITS AxIS platform.

Under terms of the agreement, CMC and itaas will jointly offer application development, quality assurance, testing and integration support from itaas for the HITS Advanced Interactive Services (AxIS) platform. Interested service providers and application developers can gain access to facilities and equipment available through the HITS AxIS platform, as well as a large selection of tru2way and legacy set-top boxes.  

For its part, itaas, leveraging its “istart” developer program, will enable content providers and application developers to submit their tru2way and enhanced television (ETV) applications for testing.

As part of their testing, itaas will replicate the cable plant profiles the CMC uses to deploy and sustain iTV applications for its MSO partners, which employ a wide array of cable infrastructure profiles.

"Itaas' considerable experience in interactive television application development, testing, integration and post-deployment support will help expand support for our HITS AxIS platform," said Gary Traver, senior vice president and COO of the Comcast Media Center. "Together, CMC and itaas will help expand the pool of application developers using the ETV and tru2way platforms and offer expanded toolsets that translate into quick and efficient rollouts of compelling enhanced television services available on today's set-top boxes."

Launched in May, the CMC’s AxIS is a centralized platform that was designed to support advanced interactive application developers, while also facilitating the launch of these interactive services on cable systems that serve small- to mid-size markets (story here). The platform supports interactive applications, initially through EBIF, and eventually with tru2way.

The CMC collaborated with Vidiom and TVWorks on the AxIS service, which also supports product development for other companies that are developing interactive applications, including NDS, Softel, Strategy & Technology, Unisoft, Alticast, Biap, Emuse, Ensequence, Sofia Digital, vivoTrak and Zodiac Interactive.

In July, Buckeye Cable Systems and the CMC announced that Buckeye would deploy interactive services through a beta test of the CMC’s HITS AxIS platform (story here).

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