Buckeye upgrades VOD with SeaChange software, servers

Wed, 10/22/2008 - 8:40am
Traci Patterson

Buckeye CableSystem – which serves about 150,000 subscribers in Toledo and Sandusky, Ohio, and the surrounding areas of the cities – has upgraded its SeaChange video-on-demand (VOD) platform by adding new software and flash memory servers from the vendor.

The new additions will allow Buckeye to expand its VOD offering – which is available to about 90,000 of the operator’s digital subscribers in Ohio and Michigan – to include high-definition (HD) content.

Since the launch of Buckeye VOD in 2004, the 21st-largest U.S. cable operator said that requests for the service have increased, based on monthly calculations, by about 3,000 percent.

The most popular content for Buckeye VOD is stored using SeaChange MediaServer FMS 200 flash memory-based servers, while long-tail material is stored on HDS 601 hybrid disk-based servers, according to SeaChange. The new servers add more than 7,000 streams to Buckeye’s VOD capacity, which is managed by a newly deployed version of Axiom On Demand software, SeaChange’s open content delivery platform.

Axiom On-Demand 
SeaChange's Axiom On-Demand

“The combination of SeaChange flash servers to stream our hottest content, coupled with the hybrid disk servers operating in a centralized capacity, forms an ideal storage and streaming architecture,” said Jim Brown, director of engineering at Buckeye. “Upgrading the intelligence of the Axiom On Demand software has enabled us to build an incredibly robust platform on which to rollout our HD VOD offering and ensures that our customers enjoy a quality viewing experience every time.”

SeaChange’s MediaServer Flash Memory Streamer is a non-volatile flash memory streaming solution, with no spinning disks, and it utilizes the vendor’s MediaCluster server architecture.

MediaCluster stripes content files across flash modules in a server, and across servers, in an InfiniBand connected cluster, ensuring service fault resilience and scalability, since only one copy of a video is ever required at a server location, SeaChange said. According to the vendor, flash memory runs on one-tenth of the power that disks require, which provides cost savings for cable operators.

SeaChange’s Axiom On Demand platform automates the behind-the-scenes VOD processes, from content propagation, to subscriber and stream management, to performance reporting and monitoring. It also provides the foundation for adding SeaChange’s content navigation, gaming, DVD and ad-targeting applications.

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