SeaChange certifies Shenick’s diversifEye technology

Mon, 09/22/2008 - 8:20am
Traci Patterson

SeaChange has certified Shenick Network Systems’ diversifEye per-flow architecture, which emulates and measures each individual video-on-demand (VOD) client behind residential gateways, as the only test product to provide a flexible platform to do so, according to the company.

SeaChange said that with Shenick’s diversifEye, its telco and cable operator customers can quantify the quality of every video watched to ensure quality of experience (QoE) for their customers.

The diversifEye technology simulates set-top boxes with VOD real-time streaming (RTSP) clients that are compliant with SeaChange video servers. With the technology, SeaChange customers can perform stateful, functional and scalability testing of both the control plane and media plane architecture of the VOD solution, as well as quantify the effect of mixed traffic environments on the quality of video flows – right up to thousands of users at 10 Gigabit Ethernet levels.

“We moved from VOD being used by early adopters to becoming a mainstream application used in tens of millions of homes, and the challenge faced by service providers is that consumers have set an extremely high threshold level for the expected quality of video flows. Even one customer disrupted is one customer too many,” said Robert Winters, chief marketing officer for Shenick. “It is not sufficient for a service provider to measure aggregate service quality in their pre-deployment tests; it’s become necessary to be able to quantify the quality of the video offering for each subscriber. Shenick’s diversifEye can help triple-play providers to view individual subscriber service quality on a highly granular basis.”

Shenick’s diversifEye enables both active and passive analysis. Passive analysis applies real-time analysis to any video stream, and active analysis compares the source media stream and subscriber-received stream for discrepancies.

Shenick’s per-flow architecture also enables very granular control of the signaling processes and equally granular per-flow measurement capability, allowing each individual entity to be concurrently configured, controlled and measured, the company said.

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