NetEx’s bandwidth optimization software addresses TCP

Mon, 08/25/2008 - 8:30am
Traci Patterson

With NetEx’s bandwidth optimization software, cable operators, telcos and other service providers can achieve up to a ten-fold increase compared with their existing broadband infrastructure, according to the company.

NetEx’s solution, known as HyperPipe, can be deployed immediately and runs on existing networks. It also defers the costs, time delays and technical limitations of billion-dollar network upgrades, the company said.

According to NetEx, HyperPipe is the only solution that resolves the inherent problem of the inefficiency of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) data transports between the service provider and the customer location. TCP was designed for Local Area Network (LAN) data transport, not the Wide Area Networks (WAN) used by service providers, and can consume from 60 to 80 percent of the available bandwidth because of the overhead built into the protocol, NetEx said.

HyperPipe’s software design was developed specifically to accelerate traffic over an IP network. The software intercepts TCP packets, which are then aggregated and sent over the network to achieve greater throughput. The advanced algorithms within HyperPipe eliminate the problems that constrain the speed of typical IP networks by protecting data packets from variations in line quality, the company said, and then HyperPipe compresses the data before sending it across the IP network.

“Phone and cable companies have launched multi-billion dollar, bandwidth-competitive network upgrades, but unless they also address the fundamental limitations of TCP, the new wideband networks will have the same bandwidth constriction issues as current broadband technology,” said Robert MacIntyre, vice president of business development and marketing at NetEx. “HyperPipe gives these providers an unmatched tool to deliver wideband-class service on a broadband network with a huge time-to-market advantage. There is simply no financial, competitive or technical reason for service providers to spend the time and money on wideband network upgrades when they can receive the same benefits today using HyperPipe on an existing broadband backbone.”

Deploying HyperPipe to enable wideband network capabilities requires the software to be installed at both ends of the routed network. The software can be deployed at a telco or cable operator’s central office and on the customer’s set-top box or PC. Delivering HyperPipe to a customer involves pre-loading a set-top box with the software or automatically sending the software as a download the first time the customer connects to the network.

HyperPipe bandwidth optimization software is currently available directly from NetEx, and the company is scheduling trials for digital service providers upon request.

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