Circuit City adds info/sales center for DTV transition

Wed, 08/20/2008 - 8:10am
Brian Santo

Circuit City has opened a toll-free telephone contact center to answer consumers' questions about the digital transition and assist with the purchase of government-approved digital TV converter boxes.

“We know the clock is ticking, and in less than six months, most U.S. TV stations will switch from traditional analog signals to digital broadcasts," said Brian S. Bradley, senior vice president of multi-channel at Circuit City Stores. “Our contact center also will be an important new sales channel for people who live in rural areas and for customers who find it inconvenient to visit traditional retail locations.”

The new contact center will enable consumers to redeem their government coupons to purchase converter boxes over the telephone. Contact center associates also will be able to help consumers explore other options for the DTV switchover, including upgrading to digital television sets, or signing-up for cable or satellite service.

The contact center can be reached by phone at 888-280-9382. Circuit City also has created a special informational section on its Web site to assist consumers with questions about the upcoming transition.

The top option is for DirecTV. The second option gives visitors a new link to click that allows them to fill in their address, zip and phone number to initiate a search of available DBS and cable options in their area – again, DirecTV comes out on top, followed by the cable operator in the customer’s area.

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