Verizon’s FiOS service receives top W Score

Thu, 07/03/2008 - 8:10am
Brian Santo

For the second straight year, Verizon FiOS led all telecom providers, this year with a W Score of 73.

W Score? It ain’t the Oscars, but a win is a win.

Business software vendor SAP has been engaging in an operation called The wRatings Corp. to compile a Most Competitive Media & Telecom Study.

Not a single service provider cracks the Top 20 Most Competitive Media & Web Properties, though several programmers do. Google Shopping and Google Search hold the top two spots. Also on the list are the HGTV Channel (4), the Food Network Channel (7), Nickelodeon (11), The Disney Channel (15), CNBC (17), VH-1 (18) and MSNBC (20).

The survey did drill down to isolate the Top 20 Most Competitive Telecom Properties, however.

The summary said: “Being a slow-growth industry that typically requires substantial investments, the telecom industry continues to struggle to find competitive strengths. No doubt they remain integral and essential to the end consumer's experience. The challenge for telecom providers is to find sources of advantage that cannot be easily duplicated by rivals. For the past five years, the industry has looked to pricing packages and bundles that are relatively easy to copy.”

The Top 20 are:

1. Verizon FiOS
2. Frontier Phone
3. Dish Network
4. Embarq Phone
5. Qwest Telephone
6. Verizon Telephone
7. Windstream Phone
8. Alltel              
9. Verizon Wireless
10. Charter Cable   

11. Comcast Cable
12. Sprint Nextel  
13. AT&T Wireless
14. Skype             
15. CenturyTel     
16. Cablevision                
17. DirecTV         
18. T-Mobile USA
19. TiVo   
20. AT&T Telephone

The survey includes more than 540 media companies, and results are a blend of financial and consumer data.

Specifically, wRatings measures a company's ability to achieve higher economic profit than rivals and sustain that advantage through competitive moats, or barriers to entry, as rated by consumers. Each W Score blends a company’s historical economic profit with its forward-looking ability to meet consumer expectations.

The full report is available for a limited time here.

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