Report: Online viewing finding an audience

Wed, 07/30/2008 - 8:15am
Mike Robuck

A study by Integrated Media Measurement Inc. (IMMI) generally found that up to 20 percent of episodic content viewing occurs online, depending on the genre of the content and the amount of time the show has been on the air.

IMMI conducted a review of 14 primetime shows on two major networks during the fall of last year and the spring of this year as the basis for its study.

IMMI said that the amount of online viewing this spring was higher than last fall, and in few cases, was even higher than digital video recorder (DVR) viewing of broadcast content. Among the online viewers, 50 percent were watching programming as it became available and were using their computers instead of their TVs. The other 50 percent of the same group was using the Internet to watch past programming or to re-watch a show they had already viewed on TV.

In addition to the growing level of activity, IMMI said its data showed that patterns of consumption was in a state of flux. In May, for the first time, data showed that a significant portion of the online audience for primetime episodic content was not also watching some portion of the show on television.

IMMI said there was no real demographic difference between online viewers who have given up television and those who are still using the Internet as a way to fill-in for lost viewing or even grab additional views of the content seen on TV.

“This suggests that the migration of consumption from one platform to another is only a matter of time for all of the online ‘snackers,’” according to IMMI.

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