CEDblog: FiOS launch - Can you hear me now?

Mon, 07/28/2008 - 8:20am
Mike Robuck

So after an over-the-top Webcast this morning that shouted the superiority of Verizon’s FiOS video service from every high-rise in Manhattan, the dog and pony show abruptly ended.

The Webcast was slated for an hour, but it ended mid-question around the 10- to 15-minute mark. After the moderator and several Verizon staff members answered a few questions that came in via the Web (the answers to which can be paraphrased as “FiOS rocks and we’re going to cut Cablevision and Time Warner Cable off at the knees before we slam dunk them on a New York City blacktop”) when a question came in over the phone line.

It was hard to hear since the person asking the question was speaking at the same time as the Webcast moderator, but I did hear something in the long-winded question about AT&T’s U-verse service.

Then the Webcast ended.

To which the person posing the question over the phone line was left sputtering: “Hey, wait a minute. I’m not done. What happened? Hey!"

It was a rather anticlimactic ending to a large-scale production today that featured employees signing up customers at Grand Central Station, but as any native will tell you, New York City is a tough town to play in whether on Broadway or off. Game on, Cablevision and Time Warner Cable.

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