ATX announces drop-in upgrade modules, MDU UPS

Fri, 06/27/2008 - 8:25am
CED staff

Targeted to help MSOs upgrade legacy unsupported equipment without removing it from the field, ATX Networks’ HFC Enhance offering of drop-in upgrade modules for amplifiers and nodes features return path transmitter conversion, node segmentation solutions and drop-in amplifier upgrade modules.

Return path transmitter conversion (FP-DFB) offers MSOs the ability to convert P-based return path transmitters to DFB-based transmitters in order to obtain improved optical link performance and thus support an increased number of carriers in the return band and/or support higher QAM modulation formats (e.g. 64-QAM) necessary for services such as DOCSIS 2.0 or 3.0. ATX Networks can accommodate an MSO’s FP to DFB conversion by offering new drop-in modules and/or by upgrading the laser in existing modules.

The HFC Enhance node segmentation solutions product is actually a suite of products that provides MSOs segmentation options for legacy nodes including the ADC/C-Cor ISX-30XX, the Scientific Atlanta 6920 and 694X and the Motorola BTN legacy nodes. Further, with multiplexing technologies (WDM, CWDM) as an optional part of the segmentation kit offered, the segmentation can be performed without additional optical fibers.

And finally, the HFC Enhance product line offers the QPAL and QFLAME drop-in upgrade modules, which allow for a bandwidth enhancement of the Texscan/Jerrold/GI/Motorola line extender and the Texscan/Arris/Antec trunk/mini-bridger amplifiers, respectively.

ATX has also announced an MDU (multiple-dwelling unit) hardened uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which ensures that an amplifier or node will remain powered for more than eight hours in the event of a power failure in the MDU. The UPS also accommodates a cable modem so that the HMS-compliant SNMP-based interface can be accessed remotely.

The SNMP and HTML-based monitoring features give operators the ability to constantly monitor voltage, temperature and battery charge/discharge current, in accordance with the standard HMS Power Supply MIB definitions.

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